Military background_1
Emil Bryant

CDR Michael Beebe

B/N (6/26/13)

Bob Boynton “Pappy”

(Died 6/2014)

Emil Bryant

(Died 5/25/2014)

AMS Buckstone

(Flight Deck Accident 1981)

Fred (Pete) Crosby

AD Pilot and Plank Owner 1955

ADCM Mike Garmon
RDML Gedlewski_small

LT S. Cullen

(A6 CRASH 7/19/91)

LT Ronald Chamblis

(Died 1999)

LCDR M. Doughty

(A6E CRASH 1985)

ADCM Mike Garmon

(Died 7/1/2001)

RADM J. Godlewski

MO ’89-’90 (Died August 5, 2006)

Bob Gosdeck

Retired Master Chief and Plank Owner

Katzenburger Obit Picture

LT E. Grabus

(A6 CRASH 1979)

AE2 John Katzenberger

(Died 7/10/2017)

AMS Ken Kinchen

(Died SEPT 2007)

LT Charles A. Knochel

Jeff Letson for the VA-176 website
Robert Mihocik 3_2_12
Capt James Obrien

(North Vietnam 1966)

LCDR L. Lalonde

(A6E CRASH 1985)

AO3 Jeff Letson

(Died 3/28/2014)

Richard Lubbersedt

‘57-’59 (Died 2002)

John McCormick

(Died 12/1/2009)

AVCM Lynn B. Meek

(Died 3/2/2016)

Robert Mihocik

Pilot (Died 3/2/12)

LT C. Miller

(A6E CRASH 1985)

Capt James O’Brien

CO VA-176 (Died 11/24/2013)

Capt Frank Montesano

CAPT. Frank “Rocco” Montesano

Pilot (Died April 13, 2018) “Rocco” Commanding Officer of VA-176 - Won three consecutive Battle “E” awards as XO and CO

Patrick Urey_small

John Ormond

Plank Owner pilot flying AD7’s

(Died 4/21/2010)

CDR Urey W. Patrick

CO VA-176 1959 (Died 4/21/2010)

Tony Pearson

(Med Cruise 11/13/59 - Mid Air Collision

CMDR Charles W.D. Ward_small

LCDR E. Tasch

(A6E CRASH 1985)

Bill Tobin

VA-176 XO ‘56-’57 (Died 2000)

LT M. Tolf

(A6 CRASH 1979)

CMDR. Charles W.D. Ward

A4 Pilot ‘53-’76 (Died Sept 23, 2010)

AZ Randy Wichenski

(Died 5/8/2016)

LTJG Williams


Capt Word

CAPT. Ross “ROOKIE” Word

Pilot (Died June 4, 2018) “Rookie” served two tours with the T-Bolts, one as personnel officer and one as XO/CO

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