Military background_1

CDR Michael Beebe

B/N (6/26/13)

Bob Boynton “Pappy”

(Died 6/2014)

AQ1 Norman (Buddy) Broughton

Emil Bryant
ADCM Mike Garmon

Emil Bryant

(Died 5/25/2014)

AMS Buckstone

(Flight Deck Accident 1981)

J.O. Carter

(Died 2013.)

LT S. Cullen

(A6 CRASH 7/19/91)

LT Ronald Chamblis

(Died 1999)

LCDR M. Doughty

(A6E CRASH 1985)

ADCM Mike Garmon

(Died 7/1/2001)

RDML Gedlewski_small

RADM J. Godlewski

MO ’89-’90 (Died August 5, 2006)

Bob Gosdeck

Retired Master Chief and Plank Owner


LT E. Grabus

(A6 CRASH 1979)

AMS Ken Kinchen

(Died SEPT 2007)

LT Charles A. Knochel

Jeff Letson for the VA-176 website
Robert Mihocik 3_2_12
Capt James Obrien
Patrick Urey_small

(North Vietnam 1966)

LCDR L. Lalonde

(A6E CRASH 1985)

AO3 Jeff Letson

(Died 3/28/2014)

Richard Lubbersedt

‘57-’59 (Died 2002)

John McCormick

(Died 12/1/2009)

Robert Mihocik

Pilot (Died 3/2/12)

LT C. Miller

(A6E CRASH 1985)

Capt James O’Brien

CO VA-176 (Died 11/24/2013)

John Ormond

Plank Owner pilot flying AD7’s

(Died 4/21/2010)

CDR Urey W. Patrick

CO VA-176 1959 (Died 4/21/2010)

William T. Patton

(Died w/wife Teresa in auto accident 3/16/2014)

Tony Pearson

(Med Cruise 11/13/59 - Mid Air Collision

LCDR D.K. “Sam” Shiverdecker

(AUG/1971 - C2-A Crash NATC Pax River

CMDR Charles W.D. Ward_small

LCDR E. Tasch

(A6E CRASH 1985)

Bill Tobin

VA-176 XO ‘56-’57 (Died 2000)

LT M. Tolf

(A6 CRASH 1979)

CMDR. Charles W.D. Ward

A4 Pilot ‘53-’76 (Died Sept 23, 2010)

LTJG Williams

(FEB/1970 A6A Crash at sea)

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